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Teaching Children to Cope With Change

We know that young children feel safe and secure when they have a steady routine.Knowing what comes next is how they measure time.They feel more self-assured when they are with people they know and trust in a familiar environment.The same is true for older children and adults. Rare is the adult who thrives from the knowledge that change is coming. Even more unusual are those adults who institute change.It is so unusual that we have come up with names for them - “change agents.”But then life changes and we look at each other and say, “Change is hard” as we commiserate.Wouldn’t it be nice if we could raise children who cope with change better than we do? In the course of my career, I have watched many parents try to protect their children from change.I’ve seen parents afraid to tell their children a beloved pet died so they make up an elaborate story of where the dog or cat went.I’ve had parents who are miserable in their marriage tell me that they stay together for the children.Surely…