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Technology Breaks Benefit Kids, Too

I am preparing to take a technology break – no email, texts or social media, nothing that requires me to look at a screen – for the next 5 days.  I am setting up “away” messages and scheduling posts.  I am letting family know how to reach us in the event of emergency.  Thinking about not using technology has caused me to notice how much it is being used around me.  I must be more aware because it is on my mind.  It is like when you buy a car and you start to notice all of the same makes & models on the highway.  I walked through a store today and noticed all of the children using technology.  Parents were shopping and children were looking at screens.  Children were swiping, poking, touching and listening.  They were being read to, challenged and entertained.  They were sitting so still with their eyes on the screens. This ability to entertain children with technology is fairly new.  It didn’t exist when I was raising my boys who are now 17 and 21 years old.  I remember carrying …

Fear Based Parenting – A Scary Trend

I recently drove past a church’s sign that said, “Are your goals about your hopes or your fears?”  What a great question, especially for parents.  Our words and our reactions to our children become how they think of themselves.  Our fears become their insecurities… and today’s parents are full of fear.  I speak to parents all the time in my role as a school director and on the road when I am hired to speak about parenting.  Their fears worry me because I also work with many children and teens who suffer from anxiety, depression and/or self-destructive behaviors.
Parents need to think about from where their parenting is rooted.  Is it rooted in hope and acceptance?  Is it rooted in fear and insecurity? Parenting goals need to be based on the reality of your child’s development and abilities with an eye on what really matters for the future.  When we hold our children for the first time, we dream of them having a happy and healthy life.  A happy and healthy life includes following thei…

Teaching about Thankfulness While Respecting Cultures