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Young Children And Chores

The first “job” most children have is at home.  They are given a chore and earn something for doing that chore.  Parents often ask me if preschoolers are too young to have chores. The answer is in the approach.  Are preschoolers too young to be assigned a job that doesn’t matter to them?  Perhaps.  Preschoolers are egocentric and will most often only do what really matters to them with any kind of caring or efficiency.  Are preschoolers too young to be part of a family team?  Absolutely not.
You can teach responsibility during the early childhood years.  When children are approximately 4-5 years old, they become developmentally capable of working as a team.  They play cooperatively with others.  In the pre-kindergarten year, they use blocks together to build one structure.  They work together to complete puzzles.  Through play, they discover the power of teamwork.  Parents need to transfer that awareness and ability from playtime to family time.  Explain to your children that your fa…

Your Children Are Not You

When I was a girl, my parents took us shopping in a quaint town that had a sightseeing, vintage train ride.  The train went nowhere of any importance.  It traveled for about 20 minutes, turned around and came back.  Oh, how I wanted to take that train ride!  My parents said, “No. It’s a waste of time and money.”  It is very likely that they didn’t have the extra money to spend.  So what did I do?  I grew up and took my boys on that train.
When I was in middle school, I wanted to learn French.  My parents said that Spanish would be more useful.  Yes – you guessed it.  I took Spanish, but my boys were allowed to take French.  My boys still say it is their primary example of me trying to be a different parent than my parents (who, by the way, were terrific parents other than that train and French thing).
Most parents can recite a list of things they did the same as their parents and things they intentionally did differently.  That is evolution and, if done wisely, helps us to improve ou…