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Parenting Without Judgment – There Is More Than One Way to Raise a Child

Every child is unique.  No two are alike and not every child will be enriched the same experiences.  There is more than one way to raise children to become productive, responsible, happy adults.  All over social media and in endless articles, people tout their decisions.  It is wonderful if your child is happily involved in youth sports, community activities, dance lessons or camp.  Be happy with your decision without judgment of others.  Parenting is not a competitive sport.  It is a journey.  It is an experience as unique as every individual.
The goal of parenting is to foster independent, capable adults who positively contribute to our society.  There is more than one way to teach independence and confident decision making.  My children, for example, did not attend camp.  They have two working parents and time together has always been at a premium during the school year.  My husband and I viewed summer as our family time.  I have always worked less hours in the summer.  We conside…

Which Rules Should Change as Children Age?

It is important to set boundaries for children.  They need to know what behavior is not considered acceptable at home, in school and all other settings.  I often speak to parents about the importance of being consistent.  A rule will not be a rule for long if you make exceptions and the consequences for crossing the boundary aren’t the same every time. A child who hits another child with a toy needs to know that every time that happens, play will stop.  The child needs to know that the behavior will elicit the same response every time.  Children should know from the time that they are very young that hurting other people will never be allowed.  Destroying property will never be allowed.  There are other rules, however, that need to change with time.
Some rules are age specific and some are situational.  Some rules become a matter of habit or convenience and it isn’t until children complain that we even consider changing them.  Confidence, trust and independence are gained if we refle…