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Sensory Experiences ARE a Pre-Literacy Skill

Every early learning activity builds the foundation for later learning.Early learners spread paint with their fingers, imitate sound, observe the world and use taste to build upon their knowledge of objects in the world.Sensory learning is brain development work.The traditional five senses in addition to the systems that help us to balance and determine our body position in space must coordinate in order for young students to learn in the years to come.Parents and educational systems today are focused on ensuring that activities help children to become readers and writers.Rest assured that the finger paint, play dough, sand, songs, animal sounds, taste tests and sights of early childhood classrooms are setting that stage. Because adults have been readers and writers for a long time, we forget the complexity of the task.Sensory development helps us to: Properly hold pencils and pens – Development of our sense of touch helps us to know what we are holding and to feel the correct positioni…