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Do You Want Your Young Child to Write? Tips for Encouraging Literacy Skills

Learning to read and write is a process.Your children will not write before they are developmentally ready.They have to develop fine motor skills, language acquisition skills, strengthen brain connections, understand symbolism and more.While it isn’t a realistic expectation that 2 year olds will read and write or that 4 year olds will master letter formation or blending sounds, there are things we can do to encourage children to pick up crayons, markers, paint brushes and eventually pens or pencils. Children need to see their most important adults writing with pens and pencils.  Put down the smartphone, tablet and laptop.  You are the children’s role model.  They will want to do what they see adults doing. If they do not see us writing with pens or pencils, why would they ever want to do that? Use pen and paper to handwrite a shopping list while your children are in the room.  Write your to-do list. Find ways to make writing with a pen or pencil a more visible activity when children a…