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Does Every Accomplishment Need A Prize? Learning About Expectations

When my children were young, we had certain expectations of them.They were expected to be cooperative, to be good family members who were respectful & helpful and to do their best at school. My children didn’t expect not did they receive monetary awards or gifts for their grades.From the time they were very young, we tried to teach them to feel pride and be self-motivated by their own efforts without expecting the world to shower them with prizes.After all, when they became adults, their boss at work was not going to give them a reward every time they completed a project.Though some occupational efforts may reap a bonus or a lovely holiday gift, it shouldn’t be an expectation for every action.
How do you teach children about expectations and pride in their accomplishments without running to the bank or the toy store?You have to start very young with their first difficult tasks.I was on Facebook recently and commented on a thread about toilet training.A parent was looking for advice…