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FAQ on Social Media Sites for Parents of Young Children That Aren’t Being Answered By Experts

I find myself commenting too often for comfort on social media sites intended for parents but obviously not run by people who know about child development and how children learn.It is very upsetting when advice is given by non-experts and parents jump on board.I have, therefore, started a list of frequently asked questions that should be answered by people who know but are, instead, being answered by well-meaning others. I anticipate writing this sort of article periodically as I see online misinformation.
I invite you to share this post on every parent Facebook page, with every parent Twitter hashtag and all Google+ groups that post about young children.Share it far and wide because misinformation can be so harmful to children.
Question:What I can purchase to encourage my child to read? Answer: Parents need to model a love of reading and writing for their children. Be sure that your children see you reading books and writing on paper if that is what you would like them to learn to do.  …

Do What Gives You Peace: A Life Lesson for Our Children

I recently needed to make a decision and found myself debating many things:How would my decision be perceived?Would my decision make a statement about my feelings that was inaccurate? Would other people be upset or insulted?It took weeks of sporadic thought and more than one discussion with my husband to realize that ultimately, I needed to do what felt most comfortable to me.I consider myself to be intelligent and someone who sees the big picture. I am not melodramatic but I care and I believe my interactions come from a place of “first do no harm.” I have learned over time and years of tough life lessons that I can physically feel relaxation in my mind & body when I follow my heart. If I felt comfortable, it was unlikely that my decision would be extremely harmful or would take me on a terrible path.After finally declaring my intentions, I told a friend who summed it up beautifully.She said, “Do what gives you peace.”
How might our world be different if we taught our children to …